Mozilla、Thunderbird 38.3.0をリリース。[保存したファイル]に検索フィールド及びファイル消去ボタンを追加

Mozillaは、メールソフトThunderbirdの最新安定版「Thunderbird 38.3.0」をリリースしました。


Thunderbird 38.3.0の新機能


  • Saved files tab now implements Search field and Clear button.


  • (Right-)Clicking on a newsgroup now allows directly composing a message again
  • Importing to the address book from CSV now works with international characters
  • Thunderbird no longer crashes when executing filter rules when using maildir
  • When using the maildir storage format, the INBOX folder is no longer deleted
  • Emails with long References headers are now decoded correctly
  • Checking for new messages correctly works after hibernation again
  • Chat entries are no longer sometimes lost in global database at shutdown.


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無料メールソフト Thunderbird

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