Omni Group、「OmniFocus 2 for iPhone 2.4.2」をリリース。

Omni Groupは12月22日、「OmniFocus 2 for iPhone」の最新バージョン「OmniFocus 2 for iPhone 2.4.2」をリリースしました。

今回のバージョンアップは、11月20日にリリースされた「OmniFocus 2 for iPhone 2.4」の修正アップデートで、12月12日の「2.4.1」に続いてのアップデートとなります。バージョン2.4、2.4.1でのクラッシュ問題の修正を含めた多くの修正が行われています。

OmniFocus 2 for iPhone 2.4.2(¥2,000)App
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化, ビジネス
販売元: The Omni Group - The Omni Group(サイズ: 14.1 MB)
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バージョン 2.4.2の新機能

SYNC: We've tracked down a scenario whereby OmniFocus won't sync in the background if it is terminated by iOS (for example due to low memory) and then re-activated. A fix for this issue is coming in version 2.4.3, which hopefully will be approved by Apple in early January (App Store review is closed until December 29). In the meantime...

OmniFocus 2.4.2 fixes several problems, including crashes, present in version 2.4 and 2.4.1. Thanks for your patience while we worked on the following fixes:

  • Location-based Notifications — Fixed several problems with context names not appearing, and with notifications for unavailable or completed items appearing anyway.
  • Reminders Calendar — When Calendar Alarms are turned on in settings, the OmniFocus Reminders calendar is once again updated with every sync.
  • Forecast — Actions from on-hold Projects are displayed in Forecast, matching the behavior of OmniFocus for Mac
  • Group Headers — Fixed a problem where group headers could become detached from their groups in
  • URL Scheme — Fixed a crash when opening the app via omnifocus:///task and omnifocus:///context urls
  • Project Perspectives — Project-mode perspectives are still coming; but aren’t quite ready. This update fixes a few problems, including crashes, related to work in progress.
  • Release Notes — The in-app release notes have a new style which is easier to read on smaller screens.
  • Nearby — Leaving Nearby in list view, returning, and switching to map view no longer results in empty map with no pins.

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